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At Cornerstones we conceive of stewardship as the consciousness one develops of their responsibility to their local community, the global society, and the environment in which we live.  Stewardship is the antithesis of entitlement.  Stewardship involves a great appreciation for everything you have been given and a subscequent expansion of one’s sense of responsibility beyond themselves to include their friends, family, community, and environment.  It engenders an understanding of how one’s behaviors have a direct or indirect impact both socially and environmentally.  


The primary way that we build and develop stewardship in our residents is through the intentional practice of service learning through volunteering and supporting our community.  According to Kurt Hahn (who was a founder of Outward Bound) volunteering is not just helping, but also an opportunity to learn compassion.  Volunteering gives a sense of accomplishment like no other.  Giving service-learning importance is a way of instilling a sense of integrity as well.  It creates a “connection to each other and the world around us.” (Outward Bound Model)  We also work to instill a sense of social and environmental responsibility through building awareness around the products we consume, minimizing waste, and buying local products that are produced using sustainable methods.

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