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Our Residents


Cornerstones of Maine was designed to meet the needs of young adults as they transition to independence. Our residents come to us with a history of adversity and struggles that range from having experienced global problems in living to simply needing additional direction and support. The majority of residents come to us already having worked with mental healthcare providers and other residential treatment, wilderness, or therapeutic settings. 


It is common for our residents to have any of the following histories: mood or anxiety disorders, social skill deficits, academic challenges, and lack of motivation. However, in order to be a good fit for our program an applicant should have arrived at the point where they can manage their symptoms more effectively. For example, some of our residents have graduated from treatment programs and no longer require intensive treatment settings. Those well suited for our program continue to require additional support and services for continued growth. Our program is specifically designed to meet these needs and provide tremendous opportunities for personal growth, educational, and professional advancement.


Common problems areas for our residents include:  


  • Mood disorders

  • Anxiety disorders

  • Academic struggles

  • Lack of motivation

  • Executive functioning deficits

  • Interpersonal skills deficits

  • Immaturity

  • Educational challenges

  • Isolation and loneliness

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

  • Attachment issues

  • Family relationship problems

  • Poor self-image


What we don't work with:  

  • Violence or physical aggression

  • Unmanaged psychotic disorders

  • Moderate to severe personality disorders

  • Danger to self or others

  • Moderate to severe ASD

  • Sexual acting out behaviors

  • Developmental disabilities

  • Moderate to severe substance abuse disorders

  • Moderate to severe eating disorders

  • Unwillingness to follow rules or be safe in our community

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