Our Team


Cornerstones of Maine is the result of a labour of love for our two founders, Josh and Jake.  It is independently owned by them and was established on the foundation of their desire to create a young adult transition program that is based on mental health research and experience.  Not only are they the founders, they are also part of our core clinical staff.

Therapeutic Residential Team

L. DeLorey-2.jpg

Lacee DeLorey

Residential Coordinator

Lacee has worked in residential programs for young adults for almost 15 years as both a case manager and program manager. She brings extensive experience coaching, mentoring, and supporting young adults in their efforts to reach their potential. She is a strong advocate for the LGBTQ community and is a great support for those residents in our program. Lacee also heads our photography club and continues to work as a professional photographer when she can find the time. She has a love for cooking, kayaking, exploration, the ocean, and contributing healthy doses of sarcasm to everyday life.

S. Sicard-2.jpg

Steven Sicard

Portland Therapeutic Resident Advisor

Steven joined Cornerstones of Maine with over seven years of experience working in residential care programs for children with mental health challenges. Steven is a history and geography buff and when not at Cornerstones, he enjoys listening to music from the 50's to the 90's and watching documentaries.


Lisa Dafoe

Kennebunkport Therapeutic Resident Advisor

Lisa has eight years of experience working in the mental health and residential field with both adults and adolescents. She has earned a bachelor's degree in behavioral health and is a passionate advocate for dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). Lisa enjoys working with young adults and providing them with guidance and support. She is a Wyoming native who enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and exploring New England.

C. Collins.jpg

Candace Collins

Kennebunkport Therapeutic Resident Advisor

Candace has experience working in the mental health field with both adults and adolescents. She earned a bachelor's in business administration & management and has her certificate in behavioral health science and holds an MHRT-C. She enjoys spending time with her family at the beach, hiking and exploring local trails, and exploring the state parks and forts. Candace enjoys using essential oils and other homeopathic remedies and is in the process of becoming certified in natural holistic remedies, all in an effort to live a healthier lifestyle.

Art McLendon

Kennebunkport Therapeutic Resident Advisor

Art has eleven years of experience in the direct care field, working both with the developmentally disabled and young adults with behavior issues. When he's not mentoring at Cornerstone, he runs a business as a Sign Artist, selling his works to home decor shops along the New England coast. He likes working with others and encouraging them in their own artistic endeavors. He enjoys surfing, traveling, Mexican food, and spending time with his wife and dog. 

M. Thomas-2.jpg

Matthew Thomas

Kennebunkport Therapeutic Resident Advisor


Matt earned his B.S. in Environmental Management and is a passionate supporter of environmental conservation and wild land protection. Being an individual who walks the talk he regularly volunteers with local schools at the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust providing educational experiences. Matt enjoys working with young people and is excited about offering guidance and support in our residence. Matt enjoys spending quality time with his family and taking advantage of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, camping, and snowboarding.

C. McMichael.jpg

Celina McMichael

Kennebunkport Therapeutic Resident Advisor


Celina has her B.S. in Elementary Education and has taught in multiple schools in the surrounding area.  Celina is also an experienced certified yoga teacher and has taught locally for over 15 years.  Celina has a great passion for health and wellness and role models that well as a mother, resident advisor, and teacher.  Celina is an avid athlete/runner who competes regularly in endurance races.  Celina is an advocate for environmental awareness and overall physical health and well-being.  

J. Dionne-Dellea.jpg

James Dionne-Dellea

Kennebunkport & Portland Therapeutic Resident Advisor


I come to cornerstones with five years of health care experience, in a wide variety of roles and settings. Perhaps my most relevant experience has been in the National Guard where I have been able to mentor and provide emotional support to my fellow lower-enlisted soldiers, who are mostly 18- 20, and tend to see me as someone they can turn to when they don't want to talk to someone in their chain of command but still need the perspective of someone with a little more life experience. When I'm not working or pretending to be Captain America, I enjoy spending time with my beautiful family, working in my garden, or playing music.

E. Hunter.jpg

Elizabeth Hunter

Therapeutic Resident Advisor


Coming from a teaching background, Liz has been working with children and young adults with disabilities in an educational setting for a little over eight years. Deciding to switch things up, she opted to branch out and see where life took her. She is a self-proclaimed nerd with a passion for history, crafting, and costuming, and loves to share that with anyone willing to listen. When she is not engaging in her hobbies she can often be found baking up something delicious.