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Our Program


Our Mission

The mission of our program is to help struggling young adults on the path towards independence and autonomy. Achieving this goal isn't easy and requires a comprehensive whole-person approach that provides an opportunity to both learn and practice the skills that lead to independent living. 

Clinically Driven

Therapeutic work is the foundation of the Cornerstones' program and is the primary way we support our residents to surmount the obstacles that have prevented their success in the past. To this end, we utilize the immersive therapeutic milieu, which makes our clinical staff accessible to the residents throughout the day. This facilitates transformative therapeutic work as our therapists have the opportunity to truly understand our residents and how they experience themselves and the world.


The experiential model is the core methodology that innervates every aspect of the Cornerstones program. It can be found everywhere, from our clinical work to our executive functioning training. We believe that growth requires more than didactics. It requires learning through practice. At Cornerstones we have put together a program that requires our residents to engage in the daily practice of managing the organizational demands and responsibilities that come with living independently. This provides the foundation for independent living and autonomy.  


At Cornerstones we believe that the fundamentals are not necessarily enough so we offer diverse avenues towards emotional growth and character building. Our program is holistic in that it aids our residents on the path towards a meaningful life by including additional opportunities alongside work and school.  That's why we incorporate exercise, meditation, yoga, nutrition, volunteering, and artistic expression into our core program. We feel that these are necessary components to building a fulfilling life.

Resident Centered

Additionally, our program is designed to be resident centered. What this means is that the program meets each resident where they are and grows with them as they grow. In practical terms this means that the average resident usually starts out with a fairly structured program that is collaboratively developed by a resident and staff.  As a resident works their way through the program, they become increasingly independent and program structure decreases accordingly.

Below are links to pages that further describe our core program elements.

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