Professional Development

Some of our residents have identified professional development and vocational work as their primary program goal, so employment will occupy a majority of their programming, while other residents work primarily as a means to be able to support themselves and learn the value of work as the basis of independence. We provide comprehensive vocational counseling which includes training and practice in professional resume building, the art of interviewing, development of a professional identity, and performing successfully in a professional environment. 

Even if enrolled in academic classes at local colleges or universities,  residents are expected to find either employment, an internship, or a mentorship program of their choice.  

Southern Maine draws highly skilled professionals from all over the country who are attracted to the local lifestyle and quality of life.  There are countless opportunities to work directly with these individuals to build a skill set or knowledge base around an area of interest. These opportunities build confidence in our residents and provide them with positive mentoring and role models.


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