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Personal Items Guidelines


In preparing for enrollment, please read the following guidelines carefully. Should you have any questions that are not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us.


A resident should arrive with no less than 30 days supply of all prescribed medications and supplements. If sufficient medication supply is not available then a Cornerstones director must be notified so that arrangements can be made to schedule an immediate psychiatric follow-up appointment.

Personal Hygiene Items

Supplies required for personal hygiene or grooming are available in our local community.  You are encouraged to bring only a small supply (if any) of these items with you at the time of enrollment.

Bedding and Towels

Bedding and towels will be supplied for you by the program.


A laundry bag or basket is issued as part of the initial linens/personal incidentals package. Cornerstones of Maine provides laundry supplies for community use.

Computer Equipment

A personal laptop computer is recommended to facilitate instructional programs and communication. You should not bring printers, speakers, monitors or other peripherals.

Electronic Equipment

Due to space limitations you are not permitted to bring any large pieces of electronic equipment such as stereos or televisions. The following are acceptable: cellular phone, iPad or Other tablet, mp3 player, headphones or Ear buds, alarm clock.

Gaming Equipment

We do not allow gaming equipment in the house including consoles or handheld devices, such as Xbox, Play station, Nintendo, or PSP.


Personal music is permitted but must be played in a manner respectful to the rest of the community. Music that portrays or supports violent, sexual or anti-social behavior may only be played on personal music players equipped with headphones or ear buds.

Musical Instruments

You are encouraged to pursue musical interests while at Cornerstones of Maine and therefore are permitted to bring most musical instruments with you at the time of enrollment. As Cornerstones of Maine cannot assume responsibility for the care or safety of these items, it is recommended that irreplaceable or extremely valuable instruments be left at home. Please inform the Admissions Department of any plans to bring a musical instrument to confirm appropriateness.

Bedroom Decorations

You are encouraged to personalize your rooms within guidelines established by Cornerstones of Maine. You may bring family pictures to display in your room but, due to space limitations in packing, it is usually best to wait until after enrollment to begin collecting other items of decoration.

Initial Clothing List

*Expensive or valuable jewelry should not be brought to Cornerstones of Maine.



2-4 casual pants (jeans, khakis)

2-4 casual Dresses or Skirts

2 business Slacks, Dresses, or Skirts

2 Athletic Shorts

1 Light Sweatpants

1 Heavy Sweat Pants



7 T-Shirts

2 Collared T-Shirts

2 Sweatshirts

2 Dress Blouses

2 Dress Shirts



8 Underwear

8 Athletic Socks

2 Dress Socks

2 Pajamas


1 Rain Coat

1 Spring Jacket

1 Winter Jacket

1 Winter Ski Pants



1 Sandals

1 Running Sneaker

1 Hiking Boot

1 Winter Boot

1 Dress Shoes



2 Swim Suits

1 Casual Belt

1 Dress Belt

1 Wrist Watch

1 Winter Hat

1 Spring Hat

1 Winter Gloves

1 Sunglasses

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