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Cornerstones is comprised of two homes on the Southern Maine coast. One home is located just a few miles from the beach in Kennebunkport, Maine and the second house is located in the middle of the city of Portland. Although the homes have the same independence model, our Portland home is optimized for residents who can start the program with less structure and a greater degree of independence. Whether a resident starts in either Kennebunkport or Portland is dependent on a determination made by the admissions team in collaboration with the applicant, their family, and the other professionals involved in the application. 

The program in each of the houses is fundamentally the same, with residents taking part in the process of educational reintegration through classes at local universities and/or employment through local businesses. Our staff in each house is on hand to provide the scaffolding and clinical and mentoring support needed to enable success in these environments and to address the obstacles that have interfered with success in the past.  Additionally, they have numerous programmatic activities scheduled over the course of the week, such as yoga, volunteering, process groups, mindfulness groups, art classes, and health and wellness groups. This provides a foundational experience as it begins to build the executive functioning and the daily living skills that residents need to manage their schedules, become goal oriented, and develop healthy habits and lifestyles.

The core differences between the homes is the degree of independence at which a resident starts our program. That being said, each home allows a resident to scale up to our highest level of independence and autonomy and a resident can spend their entire program in either house. 

Kennebunkport: Living Beachside

Our Kennebunkport house is a beautiful 3 story home with more than 6000 square feet of living space. Located on 10 acres of wooded property, the home provides easy access to nature and the beach. Although structured and staffed the same as our Portland House, the Kennebunkport house is ideal for the resident who isn't ready for the natural independence that a city environment provides. Kennebunkport is also a better fit for a resident with a car that enjoys living closer to nature. 

Portland: City Living

Our Portland House is a beautiful home located in the middle of the city of Portland. Although structured and staffed the same as our Kennebunkport House, the Portland House provides more opportunities for independence, based on a residents ability to easily access the city around them. This house provides our residents with a real city-living experience in the coastal city of Portland. 


Aftercare Program

After a resident has successfully graduate from our program we work diligently to set up aftercare options either locally or from a distance. In some cases, we do provide opportunities for residents, who stay local, to work with program staff after graduation. Whether they stay local or not, Cornerstones commits to serving as a resource to every family that has worked with us.

How to Apply

Please contact Aaron Rumsey
with any questions or to start
an application to our program.
He can be reached at

(800) 588-6898.

You can also find information on getting started HERE




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