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Life Skills


A core goal for our residents is to develop the life skills necessary to achieve self-reliance and independence. These skills range from managing fundamental self-care needs, such as shopping and cooking to budgeting, and managing employment. Our residents develop these goals in our program with guidance, scaffolding, support, and coaching from our life skills staff. Through our experiential learning approach, each resident is provided with one-on-one and group support to practice and build these skills. We have provided two full-time life skills coaches in each home so that our residents have the benefit of daily support in their efforts to learn how to live independently.

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Some of the core areas of focus of our life skills department:

  • Budgeting and financial management

  • Job seeking and professional development

  • Health and wellness

  • Self-care

  • Home and community safety

  • Cooking and nutritional awareness

  • Time management and planning

  • Transportation and managing a personal automobile

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