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The old adage states that there are followers and there are leaders.  We at Cornerstones believe that life is more complex than that and it is important to develop the skills to both lead and collaborate.  In fact, we believe that it is similar qualities that constitute the ability to be an active leader and an active follower.  In working with a group, one must possess confidence, self-awareness, motivation, vision, and strategies for pursuing initiatives.  They must also have an understanding of group dynamics and how to work with a team. 


Leadership is a learned skill that requires both practice and the guidance of a good mentor.  Our program encourages our residents to take leadership roles in the household and in the planning and execution of activities in the real world.  Exercises in leadership result in the development of confidence that will build successful academic, interpersonal, and professional life habits.  Each of our residents will be encouraged to take on leadership roles and become self-starters in life.


Our program is designed to provide residents with opportunities to both lead and follow.  To achieve this, each of our residents will be rotating in and out of leadership roles.  Some will become project managers when engaging in group activities, while others will take the lead in household responsibilities and group meetings.  These experiences with help to build cohesion and effectiveness in future relationships as well as in academic and occupational realms.

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