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Interpersonal Development

At its most basic level, Cornerstones of Maine is a community of people living together.  This requires our residents to develop their interpersonal skills and become more effective in social situations.  Group activities and projects are structured to teach residents how to utilize teamwork towards reaching goals and creating a healthy community.  We use group work to encourage trust and reliance on others while holding each resident accountable for their responsibilities.  Becoming a functional part of one’s community brings with it a sense of place and helps each of us develop meaningful and supportive relationships.  














The development of healthy and meaningful interpersonal relationships is an important milestone for young adults.  Relationships have been shown to be an integral part of the development of a strong sense of self and greater resiliency.  Feeling connected with others promotes brain development, self-esteem, creativity, and success.  Researchers in the area of neurology, such as Dr. Daniel Segal, have highlighted the importance of interpersonal relationships on our well-being.  Dr. Segal adopted the term “integration” to describe physiological and psychological reaction that occurs via the interpersonal processes.  His findings suggest that interpersonal processes literally shape the brain, encouraging cognitive flexibility, as well as improving psychological well-being. 

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