Life Skills


A core goal for our residents is to develop the life skills necessary to achieve self-reliance and independence. These skills range from managing fundamental self-care needs, such as shopping and cooking, to budgeting, and managing employment. Our residents are tasked with managing their needs in our program with guidance, scaffolding, support, and coaching from our staff. Through our experiential learning approach each resident will be provided with one-on-one and group support for developing these skills.  

Our Life Skills Department is the primary department responsible for supporting and coaching our residents on their independent living skills inside and outside the home. We have provided two full-time life skills coaches in each home so that our residents enjoy daily support in their efforts to learn how to live independently.

Below are some of the specific independent living skills that our residents will build through the direct support from our staff.


  • Money management

  • Job seeking and maintenance

  • Health and wellness

  • Caring for your home

  • Educational planning and navigating academic resources

  • Home and community safety

  • Cooking and nutritional awareness

  • Meal planning and food management

  • Time management and planning

  • Transportation and managing a personal automobile

How to Apply

Please contact Aaron Rumsey
with any questions or to start
an application to our program.
He can be reached at

(800) 588-6898.

You can also find information on getting started HERE



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