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Independent Living Skills


A core goal for our residents is to develop successful living skills to ensure self-reliance and independence.  These skills range from managing fundamental self-care needs, such as shopping and cooking, to budgeting, and setting long-term life goals.   Our residents are tasked with managing all of their own needs with guidance and input from our staff.  Through our hands-on learning approach each resident will be provided with one-on-one and group support for developing these skills.  


Below are some of the specific independent living skills that our residents will build through the direct support from our staff.


  • Money management and financial planning

  • Caring for your home

  • Applying to jobs and schools

  • Home and community safety

  • Cooking and nutritional awareness

  • Shopping for essential food and household items

  • Time management and planning



Young adult, adolescents, mental health, transition, residential, depression, anxiety
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