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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the small and big questions that we get asked everyday


What is the age range of the household?

  • Typically 18-22, but we will consider residents up to age 28

  • Average resident age in the program is 21 (updated monthly)

What is your typical length of stay?

  • 9-12 months

How often is the house supervised by an adult?

  • The house is staffed 24-7​

  • At night there is a sleep-in staff 

  • During the day, the staff to resident ratio is typically 2 residents for each 1 staff

​Can a resident have a phone and computer?

  • Yes​, but access will be limited if they are complicating a resident's progress

How much independence and autonomy does each resident have?

  • We are an individualized, resident-centered program and upon admission, each resident has ​an individualized
    program that will dictate their level of independence and autonomy.

Can residents bring cars? 

  • Yes

Are you LGBTQI friendly?

  • Yes​

Can residents bring money?

  • We provide restrictions on what residents can bring and how much their family can support them financially. This enables us to build a successful budgeting program for our residents.​

Do you accept insurance?

  • No, our program is a private pay program, but we do support insurance reimbursement for our clinical services

What is your program cost?

  • Cornerstones of Maine tuition is $15,500 per month.

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