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Emotional Growth

A crucial part of the Cornerstones focus is nurturing the emotional growth of our residents.  Emotional growth, as we use it, is a term that covers a great deal of ground and includes (just to mention a few):  

  • Development of identity and sense of self

  • Emotion regulation and frustration tolerance

  • Resilience

  • Attachment

  • Motivation

  • Mentalization/Self-Reflective funtioning

  • Confidence/Mastery/Self-efficacy

Young adulthood is a time of particular struggle and crisis, as the transition from childhood to adulthood becomes acute.  Our therapeutic model aids residents in achieving greater insight into how they experience themselves and the world, while gaining additional insight into how their history contributed to who they are and how it is repeated in patterns of cognition, behavior, attachment, and emotion.  Through our experiential model, residents receive daily support in managing and gaining insight into their emotional conflicts and developing adaptive skills for making changes in their lives.


Our therapeutic program also includes wellness practices, such as mindfulness, yoga, meditation, and enrichment activities, such as cultural excursions, volunteering, sustainable gardening, and connection with nature.  Additionally, our residents receive ongoing support from mentors and clinically trained mental health professionals who are well equipped to support residents in working through difficulties that may arise.      


Cornerstones creates a culture for our residents that fosters a safe and supportive environment.  Weekly individual and group meetings will serve to facilitate one's personal growth and community well-being.  Weekly family meetings will also be conducted through video conferencing software in efforts to build cohesion and support between each resident and his/her family while also tracking progress.  Additionally, our program includes didactic seminars on healthy living practices that work to build on mindfulness, self-confidence, and self-efficacy.  Should a resident request additional support;  a wide variety of mental health practitioners and other professionals are available in our nearby community.



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