Our Team


Cornerstones of Maine is the result of a labour of love for our two founders, Josh and Jake. It is independently owned by them and was established on the foundation of their desire to create a young adult transition program that is based on mental health research and experience. Not only are they the founders, they are also part of our core clinical staff.

Education Team

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Lana Sawyer, M.S.Ed.

Academic Coordinator


Lana has worked in the field of education for over a decade; she has taught college-level classes, has designed curriculum, worked as an academic advisor, as a tutor, in a multicultural office and in a career services office. One of her favorite things about working with young people is helping them take the necessary steps to achieve their goals. She enjoys being able to help young people discover their passions and how that can translate into a career. She looks forward to any time that she can help provide clarity and direction, encouragement, or a strategy or resource that makes a difference for a resident. Her approach is holistic and strengths-based. Lana has lived all over the United States and has been in Maine for several years. For fun, she enjoys gardening, traveling, swimming and going on a variety of adventures with her family and friends.