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Cornerstones of Maine is the result of a labour of love for our two founders, Josh and Jake. It is independently owned by them and was established on the foundation of their desire to create a young adult transition program that is based on mental health research and experience. Not only are they the founders, they are also part of our core clinical staff.

Education Team


Erin Altschule, MS

Co-Founder and Education Director


Erin has a master’s degree in biology with a focus on ecology. She is a certified teacher who has taught in both public and private schools with a focus on experiential education. She has a multidisciplinary background which provides a broad base to draw from in helping students reach their educational goals, while cultivating their passion for learning. 


Erin works closely with residents and their families to determine educational goals and provide support. Originally from Colorado, Erin loves to explore nature (especially waterfalls) with family and friends.


Logan King, M.S. Ed

Portland Education Specialist


Logan has a bachelor’s degree in history and a master’s degree in educational leadership. After spending a number of years teaching various academic subjects abroad, Logan made the choice to return to the US, pursue a graduate degree, and begin working as a humanities instructor and coach at a small New England boarding school. It was there that Logan gained extensive experience successfully supporting students with a variety of learning differences and executive functioning deficiencies. In addition to his experience in a traditional classroom, Logan has also spent time working in the fields of wilderness therapy and adult literacy education. As an Education Specialist at Cornerstones, Logan hopes to utilize his past experience to enthusiastically support and motivate residents in the pursuit of their academic and personal goals. In his free time, Logan enjoys exploring the outdoors with his wife and dog, strumming a guitar, and supporting his favorite sports teams.

  ​Josephina Ragon, MAT, M.S.Ed.

Kennebunkport Education Specialist


Josephina is an educator, mentor, and collaborator at her core. She has been in the field of improving academic engagement levels for struggling students for over a decade. Professionally, Josephina’s philosophy is resident-centered, strength-based, built on best practices, and meets residents where they are to build them up with tools and resources for independence. 


Having experienced several types of institutions, from K-12 to post-secondary, Josephina has developed her own toolkit understanding that one size doesn’t fit all and a holistic approach provides a comprehensive frame of reference. In her role, Josephina combines her expertise and degrees in special education and higher education to support residents in achieving their educational goals. 


Josephina was born and raised in New York and has lived and educated in the state and city of NY, the city of Chicago, the city of Detroit, and the state of Michigan. Now, she has the opportunity of a lifetime, to work with residents and staff at Cornerstones of Maine, and live on the east coast near family and friends.  Her hobbies include strength training, singing, spending time with her 4 younger siblings, and exploring new restaurants, trails, and towns. 

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