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Our Community


When Josh and I began discussing what the Cornerstones program would look like, we decided early on that one of the foundational components of the program had to be the culture that we would build within our community. We felt that we wanted this culture to be reflective of our own friendship of over 20 years. This friendship was based on honesty, trust, commitment, and profound mutual respect. We have worked diligently to enlist our staff and residents to help us build this culture into the Cornerstones program. One of the core principles of building a culture is accepting that culture is the result of active practice. You build culture with purpose and intention by making it happen every day in how you work with and treat others around you. 

 A few principles of Cornerstone's culture

  • We create our culture

  • We accept everyone no matter their ethnicity, religion, race, gender identity, physical features, or sexual orientation.

  • Regard the privacy and confidentiality of others

  • Strive to be compassionate and empathic

  • Strive to be aware of your role and what you bring to the table

  • Listen to what others have to say

  • Growth requires change and that isn't always comfortable

  • Compromise requires getting something and giving something

  • Its okay to make mistakes, but learn from them

  • Be honest with compassion

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