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A Day in the Life at Cornerstones...

What does a resident's schedule at Cornerstones look like?

A Cornerstones resident begins their program with a schedule that has been organized for them. From the first week of programming each resident increasingly begins taking the lead in determining their schedule and routine. We encourage this shift in responsibility as part of a resident's work towards independence and autonomy. 

Our Activities Expectations

Each resident’s schedule includes not only their primary focus on academic and/or vocational goals, but also on various other activities such as wellness, personal interests, and mentorships.  A core part of a resident's schedule at Cornerstones is meeting the expectation of a minimum of 35-hours of activities per week. The activities expectation is part of the structure that aids our resident in keeping focused, being industrious, and continually on the path of progress.


A resident's weekly schedule is generally filled with a mix of the following:


  • Academic classes and the study hours that support them

  • Employment

  • Volunteering

  • Pursuit of a hobby

  • Internships and mentorships

  • Exercise

  • Wellness activities

  • Culinary skills training

  • Care for home and personal space

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