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About Cornerstones of Maine

Our History

Cornerstones of Maine was founded in 2015 by Dr. Jacob Gelles and Dr. Joshua Altschule. Jake and Josh have been friends and colleagues for over 25 years, attending both college and graduate school together. The Cornerstones program was a labor of love for Josh, who had been developing the program for over a decade before it was founded. Josh then enlisted Jake to join him as a partner in bringing the concept to life. Jake worked with Josh and his wife Erin to finalize Josh's vision and they opened the program a year later. 

Our Technique

Jake and Josh based the program on their many years studying clinical research and their own combined decades of experience providing direct therapeutic work in individual, group, and family formats. They also included important contributions from the fields of wellness, therapeutic coaching, education pedagogy. The five fundamental pillars of the Cornerstones' technique are immersion in the real world; skills building; daily practice; multimodal direct support; and development of self-reflective functioning.

Our Mission

The Mission of Cornerstones is to aid struggling young people to transform their lives and reach their potential as independent adults who are able to pursue meaningful lives.

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