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What does a resident's schedule at Cornerstones look like?

The daily life of a Cornerstones resident at enrollment begins with our program organizing the majority of a resident's calendar of activities, but within 30 days it becomes increasingly individualized as our residents take the lead in determining their daily routine. We encourage this shift in responsibility to the residents as part of their work towards independence and autonomy. 

Our Activities Expectations

A core part of a resident's schedule at Cornerstones is meeting the expectation of  35-hours of activities a week. These activities can include therapy, exercise, classwork, study hours, and employment. This activities expectation provides the structure that aids our resident to keep focused, industrious, and continually on the path of progress. As mentioned earlier, we do emphasize our resident's autonomy in building this schedule and the primary goal of the schedule is to help the resident work towards their own personal goals that will enable them to live independently and build a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

The Core Program

The primary activities that fill a resident's calendar are those activities that meaningfully relate to their independence goal. Being an experiential program we require that residents that have an academic goal will prioritize academics as their primary activities and residents that have a professional goal will prioritize employment as their primary activity. That being said, residents' calendars are filled with far more than academics and employment. A resident's weekly schedule is generally filled with a mix of the following:


  • Academic classes and the study hours that support them

  • Employment

  • Volunteering

  • Pursuit of a hobby

  • Internships and mentorships

  • Exercise

  • Meditation and other wellness activities

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