The journey to independent living

Cornerstones of Maine is a clinically-driven transitional living program designed to assist men, women, and gender nonconforming young adults (ages 18 to 28) in their journey to becoming independent. Our program provides a therapeutic, resident-centered approach that gives structure and support based on each resident's individual need.


Through transformative therapeutic work and individual and group support, our residents work towards independent living. Our individualized program includes professional development, academic reengagement, and character building experiences that teach a myriad of skills and create pathways for successful life habits. These experiences, along with enrichment opportunities, promote emotional growth, personal value, and life purpose.

What we work with

• Mood disorders

• Anxiety disorders

• Academic struggles

• Lack of motivation

• Executive functioning deficits

• Interpersonal skills deficits

• Immaturity

• Educational challenges

• Isolation and loneliness

• Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

• Attachment issues

• Family relationship problems

• Poor self-image

Building confidence          to navigate waves

The path to independence

The core mission of our program is to help young adults on the path towards self-reliance and autonomy. Achieving this goal isn't easy and requires a comprehensive approach that provides an opportunity to both learn and practice the skills that lead to independent living. Below, are the areas that we cover.


How to Apply

Please contact Aaron Rumsey
with any questions or to start
an application to our program.
He can be reached at

(800) 588-6898.

You can also find information on getting started HERE



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